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  • What’s selling on walmart of tire inflators

    Today, Let’s have a look what is selling on walmart regarding to tire inflators. This can helps us decide what to develop. search “new tire inflator” in baidu, first link is as following, sorted by best sellers      tire inflator on walmart 1 tire inflator on walmart 2 http...
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  • Brand of tire inflators on pepboys

    Brand Bon-aire (1) Fix-a-flat (1) Masterflow (3) Slime (6)  
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  • Pep Boys

    Pep Boys   From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   The Pep Boys: Manny, Moe & Jack Logo used from 2013-present Type Private Industry Specialty retail and automotive repair and Tires Founded August 1, 1921; 95 years ago (as Pep Auto Supplies) 1923 (as Pep Boys) Founde...
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  • BPA free – requirement on 12V car vacuum cleaner

    Today, one of our client require BPA free in our 12V car vacuum cleaners, we a a little puzzled in this requirement. After search on internet. we learned a lot about this.  Following are the content from wiki. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an organic synthetic compound with the chemical formula (CH3)2C(C6...
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  • How to use tire gauge and pump?

    The simplest maintenance is like a tire pressure check. It’s good to say that the pressure of this tire is estimated to be 10%. If the tire pressure is insufficient: the car is not light, feel the waste oil, and control the feeling sluggish; If the tire pressure is too high: the tires look...
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  • Comprehensive introduction to the use of air pump and use caution

    People walk and rely on their feet. Cars run on tires. Tire leakage or insufficient tire pressure can easily cause safety hazards to the car. Therefore, if the tire pressure is found to be insufficient during driving, it is necessary to use an air pump to inflate the tire in time to ensure safe ...
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