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21228, 2in1 Car Vacuum Cleaner & Tire Inflator

Short Description:

1) 12V60Watt Car Vacuum Cleaner
2) 300PSI MAX air compressor for car tyre inflating;
3) Powered by 3m heavy duty copper cord with car cigarette lighter plug.
4) Good quality filter, wet and dry suitable
5) Lower noise

Product Detail

Product Tags

1) ABS material.
2) Vaccum/Off/Compressor switch;
3) Easily remove rubbish and wash filter.
4) Packing:
5) Accessories: 2 Nozzle adapters & 1 sport needle;
1 vacuum nozzle; 1 air hose with pressure gauge

Machanical Properties
Material ABS, PS, Copper
Product Dimension 36*10.5*15cm
Suction Flow 2.5
Suction Media Wet and Dry
Electrical Characteristic
Rated Power 12V60Watt for vacuum, 12V10A for tire inflator
Power Supply 3m with car cigarette lighter adapter, 12V DC required
Inflating Characteristic
Piston & Cylinder 19mm, classical style
Inflating Speed Appr, 7-9mins (195/60R14 from 0-30PSI)
Accessories 1 suction adapter, 2 nozzles & 1 neeles for inflating, 1 air hose with gauge
Outer Pack 45.5*38*47CM, 12pcs/ctn, 16/15kgs

The machine cannot be used on large trucks;
If the air pressure rises rapidly within a short period of time (to 689KPa in three seconds), it means that the air pressure is blocked and the air does not enter the tire. Turn off the power immediately, remove the air nozzle, and re-operate;
Inflate every 15 minutes, it is best to rest;
Can only be used for 12V cigarette lighter power input;

1. Comes with a cigarette lighter plug, which can be used when connected to the cigarette lighter;
2. Equipped with a variety of inflatable nozzles, which can be used to inflate the tires of cars, bicycles, and motorcycles, as well as ball and rubber boats;
Many people do not know how to look at the tire pressure gauge, including the red outer ring of the tire pressure gauge that is in pounds per square foot. The kilogram/square centimeter of the black inner circle is 2.2 or 2.8, etc., which means that the black number of the inner circle is more than enough. If you want to know, see the following in detail:
The red outer circle is the imperial unit psi (pounds/square inch), the black unit of the inner circle is kg/cm^2 (kilograms/square centimeter), and the standard unit in the international system of units is N/m^2 (Newton/square M), namely Pa (Pascal).
3. A standard atmospheric pressure is approximately 1.01*10^5 Pa, which is 10.1 Newton/cm², which is 1.03 kg/cm². Roughly speaking, a standard atmospheric pressure is the position of black 1 on your watch. To be more precise, it should be converted to the British unit at 1.03 on your watch. 1 kg=15PSI


1. Insert the top valve of the rubber hose directly into the tire valve. When you hear the sound of tire deflation, it means that the air has circulated. Immediately press the valve wrench inward 90 degrees, and the air will no longer escape;
2. Take out the plug and connect the cigarette lighter;
3. Turn on the motor to start inflation;
4. When inflating, the indicator pointer starts to rise with the air pressure, and when the large pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure of the car (generally, the tire pressure of a car is 193-241KPa), take out the plug and air nozzle.


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