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11631, 12V car tyre inflator

Short Description:

Mini Air Compressor – 8 minutes tyre inflating speed

List of Features:

1)150PSI (10Bars) Maximum Pressure;
2)Powered by DC12V 3m(10ft) power cord with car cigarette lighter;
3)Built-in On/Off Switch;
4)Perfect storage design of air hose & power cord;
5)16mm Piston Cylinder structure ensures fast inflating speed & High pressure;
6)Stylish design of product face;
7)Maximum Ampere: 10A;
8)Air gauge included;
9)Knitted air hose with snap-in Plug;
10)Accessories: 2 nozzles and 1 sport needle

Product Detail

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Car model air pump manual
1. This machine is suitable for tires, inflatable beds, balls and inflatable boats of automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. It has a wide range of applications, fast inflation speed and stable quality.
2. On highways, off-road tours or any place, when the car tires suddenly leak, it can play its emergency function. The tire pressure can be charged to the rated pressure in 2 minutes, and then you can safely drive to do important tasks or drive. Going to the auto repair shop to repair tires will not delay your precious time.
3. Keep the car tires at the correct tire pressure at any time, which can not only save gasoline, but also protect the tires and ensure driving safety.
4. With night lighting work lights, it integrates pumping, compass and pressure measurement. The internal wire-retracting design of the whole machine is ingenious and space-saving.
5. The shape is novel and beautiful, easy to carry and light.

1. Insert the tip of the rubber tube directly into the tire valve. When you hear the sound of air leaking from the tire, it means that the air has circulated, and then tighten the air nozzle.
2. Take out the plug and plug it directly into the cigarette lighter.
3. Start the car motor and turn on the air pump switch to start charging. The best continuous charging time is within 15 minutes. If necessary, the air pump needs to be cooled.
4. When inflating, the pointer of the meter will rise with the actual tire pressure. When the pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure (the standard pressure of the front and rear tires of each car is marked on the inside of the driver's door frame or the fuel tank cap), turn off the switch and pull out Plug, the inflation work is completed.

Machanical Properties
Material PP, Nylon, Zinc, Aluminum, Copper, etc
Electrical Characteristic
Rated Power 12V10A Maximum, 3.7A non-load, 5-7A inflating tires;
Switch Built-in On/Off switch
Inflating Characteristic
Piston & Cylinder 16mm
Output Volume 12-15LPM
Inflating Speed Appr. 6-7mins (195/60R14)

The new three-purpose metal air pump, the core of the air pump is not of the same grade as the plastic air pump. It pumps up quickly and has low noise. Consumers should pay attention to the distinction. The power of the air pump is generally above 100W, and the inflation speed is more than 3 times that of the plastic air pump).

1. With protection function, the motor can automatically cut off power when the tire is full.
2. Small size and beautiful appearance.
3. The pumping speed is fast, a completely flat tire can be filled in 5-7 minutes.
4. Integrated lighting, which can be used as maintenance light at night.
5. Shock-absorbing feet make the use more stable.
6. Comes with three kinds of air nozzles, bicycles, motorcycles, balls, and inflatable beds can also pump air.
Barometer: 150PSI
Main part material: metal

Take out the cigarette lighter plug and plug it directly into the car cigarette lighter. Turn on the air pump switch. After the air pump is started, insert the air nozzle at the top of the inflation hose directly into the tire valve. When you hear the sound of air leaking from the tire, it means The air has circulated, and the air nozzle can be tightened to inflate. At this time, the air will no longer escape.
When inflating, the indicator pointer rises with the saturation of the tire. When the pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure (generally, the tire pressure of a car tire is 223kpa=35PSI), take out the plug and air nozzle to complete the work.
Please use the professional ball needle and nozzle of this machine to connect with the air nozzle to inflate the ball and other air-demanding equipment.

1. When using, please start the car engine first to increase the power without consuming the car battery power.

2. This machine is limited to DC (DC12V15A) power supply, and household high-voltage power supply is not allowed.

3. When inflating, please cool down and rest for 10 minutes of continuous work to extend the life of the motor. When the inflatable boat is inflated, it can work continuously for 30 minutes.

4. When the general tire is inflated, it can reach the normal tire pressure of 220KPA in about 3-6 minutes. Big tires will take a little longer. If the pointer of the meter rises rapidly when the inflation is started, it means that the air has not been filled into the tire, and it must be stopped and operated again, otherwise the meter and the motor will be damaged.

5. When using, don't leave the body, pay attention to the tire pressure at any time, and don't be too saturated.

6. If the car cigarette lighter is not clean and does not conduct electricity, or the fuse is blown, the machine cannot operate normally, please ensure that the cigarette lighter conducts well.

7. The machine should be protected from dampness, heavy falls and sand and mud intrusion, and children should be prevented from playing with it to avoid damage.

8. If there is a shutdown phenomenon during use, this is due to the insufficient power supply current of the cigarette lighter, and our delivery inspection current is above 12A.

9. (This point is very important) The starting current of this machine is very large, please do not turn on the power switch when the tire is connected, otherwise the car fuse may be burnt out due to the excessive starting current. The correct operation is to turn on the power first, and then connect the tires to inflate after the air pump starts to work normally. If you need to restart the machine after turning off the power during operation, you should also unscrew the gas nozzle and restart the machine, otherwise the car's fuse may be burned.

This machine is suitable for inflating tires of cars and bicycles, balls, rubber boats, etc., and has a wide range of applications.
On highways, in the wild, or anywhere, car tires suddenly leak, which can better play its emergency rescue function.
Prepare one at any time and place it in the trunk of the car. It does not take up space and has endless magical uses.
Car tires maintain correct tire pressure at all times, which can save gasoline, protect tires and ensure driving safety.

Unit conversion: 1kg/c㎡=0.98ba(bar) r=14.2PSI(1bf/in2)=98.0665kpa

1 atmosphere = 1.03327kg/c㎡

Note: Some air pump pressure gauges are nominally 300PSI, just to attract attention. It is actually impossible to reach such high pressure (20 atmospheres). Generally, the tire pressure is about 2.3 pressures, about 35PSI. The maximum pressure that a general air pump can reach is 7-10, which is about 100PSI. Because it is a foreign trade product, the product is packaged in neutral English.


Four major advantages: more precise, faster; easier;
More accurate-->The display of the table is more accurate;
Faster --> faster pumping speed;
Easier-->It is very easy to replace key components;
More economical-->The maximum current of the air pump is less than 10A

Salient features:
1) Home pumping is possible (home power supply is required)
2) More accurate pressure display


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